Leonard Nimoy's Erotic Bouncy Castle

Second Session

First Character Death

As they awoke in Port Wraith, the party decided to get some information about the next town they would be travelling to,Radhin, by talking to a local shopkeeper in the market district. Calamistratus was rude to the shopkeep and the shopkeep ordered him to leave his shop. Instead of respecting the shopkeeper’s wishes, he murdered him by stabbing him in the face with a dagger. Des’tai attempted to pretend to be a guard and detain Calamistratus, but the guards insisted that Des’tai gives them the prisoner. Des’tai and Calamistratus ran for the gate, the rest of the party staying behind, but only Des’tai was able to make it out of the city, Calamistratus was too slow. The guards detained him and took him into the dungeons in the castle. Ultorem and Diesa attempted to negotiate with the guards to let Calamistratus free, but all attempts failed. In the night, Calamistratus attempted to escape the dungeon, picking the lock on his cell and running up the stairs to the main castle floor. However, there were too many guards and he was captured once again. The next morning, Ultorem and Diesa stayed in the city to observe Calamistratus’ sentencing. Calamistratus was hanged and Ultorem and Diesa left the city, a day after the rest of the party, Des’tai, Rükiyon, and Ilterendi. The three met a traveling apothecary on the road to Radhin and bought Healing Cilantro. Ultorem and Diesa met the same apothecary on their first day on the road and only asked him if they had seen the rest of the party, without exchanging any goods.



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